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Welcome to the website of the WuYi Akademie Berlin. We teach traditional Chinese Martial Arts with an integrative focus on their physical, emotional and mental aspects. We are also a community where those practicing and interested in Chinese Martial Arts can find support and guidance in living those arts as the system of social and personal ethics. The goal of our school is to help its students to achieve better quality of life by training both their body and mind, and thus finding balance in everyday life.

Course overview

The school offers hard and soft forms of Chinese Martial arts and energy work:


All these forms have been proven to greatly benefit your well-being, and are very efficient in helping you to attain:

  • Improved health condition, e.g. in overcoming chronic migraines, back pains and psychosomatic problems caused by stress
  • Inner strength / balance / self-confidence
  • Better concentration and sleep

The school welcomes and is open to those with experience in training as well as to beginners and all interested in trying out what it is all about. The teacher works individually with each student and takes into account his / her physical and personal needs, and the level of preparedness.

Teacher and Founder, Laoshi Ronald Schmude pfeil

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You can find more information on our show-fighting group the "Wu Artists" on this blog.

New promo video for our Taiji class with Laoshi Ronald Schmude

Learn traditional Yang Family Taijiquan for relaxation and improved body & mind control in our Academy.

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Different sequences of fist forms of the Zhang Style of Chaquan (Kung Fu) by Laoshi Ronald Schmude.

In this Video, Laoshi Ronald Schmude, the chief trainer of the Wuyi Akademie, shows mixed up sequences from different fist forms of the Zhang Style of Chaquan. Five sub-styles - Chaquan, Huaquan, Paoquan, Hongquan and Tuiquan - have a large number of fist, weapon and sparring forms, and include body development skills like inner and outer "gong"- training techniques such as Qigong.

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Basic Yang Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) by Laoshi Ronald Schmude.

This is the beginners form of traditional Yang Family Taijiquan, Yang Cheng Fu Lineage. It teaches the 13 Basic Techniques of the Style.

Here you can read more about the benefits of Taijiquan: Harvard University on Health Benefits of Taiji.
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Longfist Applications of traditional Chaquan.

Application of traditional techniques for possible fight situations shown by Chaquan Teacher Ronald Schmude.

Recent videos - more photos and videos can be found on our media page.